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Everyone wants everything to be perfect for the arrival of a new baby and your home is no exception. Our team of professional angels are here to make sure your home is spotless for this special occasion. It also makes sure that mum has a stress free homecoming and can sit back, relax and enjoy her new arrival. Gift vouchers can also be purchased as a gift for such an occasion.

De-cluttering Service

Have you ever felt that your house was just becoming cluttered with stuff that you no longer need? But find you are unable to give it away or just can’t face sorting through it all?


We provide a comprehensive de-cluttering service that aims to de-clutter your home of items you no longer need in addition to helping you find a space for all your treasured possessions. This service truly returns order and organisation to your home making required items easier to find. Imagine being able to use your spare room as a guest bedroom or actually walk into your cloakroom to only find coats and shoes!


The items you no longer want will be taken to a charity of your choice so nothing goes to waste.


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New baby homecoming cleans

Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone who deserves a bit of a pamper and a chance to just relax. Angel Maids are available all year round to give someone a special clean treat, from birthdays, Christmas, get well soon or simply a thank you.


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Gift vouchers